DeFI – liquidity for social projects

just be a part of the social HCO

The Social HCO

With your support it is possible to help needy and distressed people & animals worldwide. Income is generated through DeFi. The income is available for the humanitarian projects without touching the original liquidity.

So we have the possibility to provide continuous help to make a better life possible.


The founders of social token are aware of their responsibility. We are glad to be able to create a cycle that can provide continuous help. Even without being dependent on donations.
We cannot guarantee a price for the social token. But we stand for the fact that we invest every collected cent in decentralized finances to do good. 

The big difference

Donations are usually distributed immediately or stored for distribution. The funds generated by an HCO serve the purpose of generating returns through mining, staking and so on. The proceeds are stored and are available for humanitarian purposes and organizations.

Floating liquidity

Decentralized finances in the crypto market make it possible a flowing liquidity. The deposited liquidity is not touched and is used exclusively to generate liquid funds to provide assistance and manage them

transparency & social media

Follow us on social media and become a part of the social community. On Twitter you can find all SOT transactions and fiat deposits up to the investment in the defi market.    

Social token on twitter

Follow the twitter channel of social token. Here you can track all transactions quickly and easily. We publish the current SOT transactions and the fiat transfers of the trustees.


 just be a part of the social HCOjust be a part of the social HCO